As students around the world will no doubt need a little reminder of, exam period is edging ever closer and with it all the stress and anxiety that this time brings. Although the importance of this period should not be understated, there are some easy ways for students to take some of the sting out of exam season and reap the benefits it terms of grades and happiness.

If you have been to the Collegiate website before, you will no doubt have come across one of our features whereby we look to equip our current and prospective residents with all they need to make their time away at university a resounding success. Today, we take a look at how good organisation could transform your exam period.


Effective time management

The most daunting thing about exam period is usually the volume of information that you need to absorb in such a small period of time. This can be remedied through effective time management and of course, starting your revision as early as possible so you don’t create an impossible workload. Many students are wary of starting too early as they could forget vital information, but good revision notes will ensure that this is not an issue.

Your tutors and lecturers will be able to offer you targeted assistance with this, relevant to your course, but there really is no substitute for great organisation and planning. By creating a revision schedule well in advance and ensuring you stick to you it, you may well find that examination season doesn’t have to be so painful. There are also great online tools available to help you manage your time pragmatically.


There are many benefits to getting organised

Although the aforementioned skills are vital for ensuring exam success, they will also stand you in superb stead for the rest of your career. Preparing for job applications and of course managing your time when you enter the world of full-time employment will be crucial to fulfilling your potential; so developing these skills and attributes now will benefit you long into your career.

In addition to this, managing things in this way will also free up time for you to enjoy some of the finer things in life. By failing to get organised and leaving yourself with an uphill struggle when your exams arrive, you will most probably miss out on social engagements and end of year parties that you would most probably love to attend. By developing great organisational skills, you will allow yourself time to enjoy these events which will only serve to relax you more as you head into this important time of study.


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