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sítios para estudar em lisboa

The Best Places to Study in Lisbon

22nd October 2020

The best places to study in Lisbon that will help you to study better and achieve good results.…
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museus lisboa

The 7 best museums in Lisbon

8th October 2020

Get ready to make a tour with the best museums in Lisbon to visit this year. A long…
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outono lisboa 1

Autumn in Lisbon: activities to enjoy the city

24th September 2020

Autumn in Lisbon makes the city even more welcoming and stunning. Discover the best 7 activities to enjoy…
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dicas para estudar

4 Tips for studying effectively

17th September 2020

Do you want to study better and more regularly? We have prepared 4 tips for you to study…
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percursos pedestres

The 6 Pedestrian Tours in Lisbon that you cannot miss

10th September 2020

Outdoor hiking offers significant mental and physical health benefits. Discover the incredible walking routes in Lisbon.
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estudar em outra cidade

3 Advantages of studying in another city

3rd September 2020

Studying in another city is a great opportunity for personal growth. Discover the advantages of studying in another…
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melhor bairro de Lisboa

What is the best neighborhood in Lisbon for students?

27th August 2020

Lisbon is the perfect city for your new student experience. Have you started looking for accommodation yet? Discover…
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tecnicas de estudo 1

The 7 most effective study techniques

20th August 2020

The decisive factor for obtaining good results is not the quantity, but the quality. We have prepared for…
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trabalhar e estudar ao mesmo tempo 1

Work and Study at the Same Time: 7 Fundamental Tips

13th August 2020

Working and studying at the same time can be very challenging. We leave you with the 7 fundamental…
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Dicas para estudar na universidade 1

5 Tips for studying in college

6th August 2020

Entering college is an unforgettable and challenging time. We have 5 tips for studying in college that will…
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alojamento para estudantes em Lisboa

What is the best accommodation option for students in Lisbon?

30th July 2020

There are two good accommodation options in Lisbon: university residences and shared apartments. We tell you about its…
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6 Fantásticas escapadinhas perto de Lisboa

6 Fantastic getaways near Lisbon

23rd July 2020

Discover the fantastic getaways from Lisbon, a chance to get outside Lisbon and explore more of Portugal. ¡Don’t…
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