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The ultimate checklist to jumpstart your career after university

25th October 2019

If your time at university is coming to an end and you’d like some advice on your next…
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Best breakfast in Lisbon

18th October 2019

They say that the best start to the day, is with a good breakfast – and in Portugal,…
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How to make the most of your university experience for your career

11th October 2019

Although university can be all about fun, while you should relish this opportunity to make friends and enjoy…
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How to host the perfect Portuguese dinner party with Collegiate’s private dining

4th October 2019

Portugal is a hotspot for food-lovers, with a varied cuisine rich in both flavour and heritage. Some Portuguese…
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Top Instagrammable locations in Lisbon

27th September 2019

The city of Lisbon is well-known for its quaint cobbled streets, sun-drenched sandy beaches and colourful buildings –…
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Where to take your family when they come to visit Lisbon

20th September 2019

As the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is renowned for its picturesque scenery, sunny shores and extensive history,…
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Is it a good idea to get a job while studying?

13th September 2019

University life can be hectic. With lectures, seminars and coursework to do, as well as going out, seeing…
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The workout plan for beginners

6th September 2019

Keeping fit at university can seem like a challenge. After all, students live incredibly busy lifestyles – with…
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How to make the most of your university experience in Portugal

30th August 2019

Portugal is a great place to study, with top-class universities, good food, sun and a warm, friendly atmosphere.…
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Top 10 outdoor activities in Lisbon

23rd August 2019

Not only is Lisbon the capital of Portugal, but it’s also its biggest city, so when it comes…
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Top 5 Online Resources For Learning Portuguese

16th August 2019

As the most spoken Romance language in the world after Spanish, it’s no wonder that learning Portuguese is…
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The Foodie Guide: Lisbon

9th August 2019

Books aren’t the only thing to learn about in Lisbon, delicious food and traditional Portuguese delicacies are waiting…
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