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sitios passear lisboa

5 places to stroll in Lisbon: the best tours

8th April 2021

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como ser mais produtivo 0

How to be more productive and organized in your studies and work

18th March 2021

Find out how to be more productive and organized in your studies and work, especially if you are…
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coisas que fazer em casa para sair do tedio

8 Things to do at home to beat boredom

4th March 2021

Being confined is extremely challenging. We want to help you by giving you a list of ideas for…
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por do sol

5 Places to see the sunset in Lisbon

18th February 2021

Have you been wondering where to see the sunset in Lisbon? The Portuguese capital has some of the…
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alugar quarto estudantes lisboa

4 Tips for renting a student room in Lisbon

4th February 2021

Tips on how to rent a student room in Lisbon that best suits your preferences. They will guarantee…
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apartamento estudante lisboa

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a student apartment in Lisbon

21st January 2021

One of the most popular accommodation options are student apartments in Lisbon. Find out what are its advantages…
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quarto estudante lisboa

Student room in Lisbon: what is better, apartment or residence?

7th January 2021

Are you looking for a student room in Lisbon but still have doubts? We help you decide between…
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O que fazer em Lisboa no Inverno

What to do in Lisbon in winter: 7 activities

17th December 2020

Have you started thinking about what you are going to do in Lisbon this winter? Discover the best…
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o que fazer em lisboa no natal

What to do in Lisbon for Christmas: 5 incredible suggestions

3rd December 2020

Enjoy your Christmas holidays in Lisbon and recharge your batteries to start the second semester in style.
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ruas mais bonitas de lisboa

The 5 most beautiful streets in Lisbon

19th November 2020

Lisbon is the most populous city in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe. Discover the 5…
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palacios lisboa

The 5 most stunning Lisbon Palaces

5th November 2020

The Portuguese capital is one of the most coveted destinations for tourists. If you like history, discover the…
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sítios para estudar em lisboa

The Best Places to Study in Lisbon

22nd October 2020

The best places to study in Lisbon that will help you to study better and achieve good results.…
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