Students do not usually want to embrace a new culture while they look to obtain their qualification. A big part of this is avoiding the tourist traps and getting to know the areas of the city you would not be if you were on a holiday or vacation, for example.

Although seeing the history and cultural legacy of a city is often intriguing, as you spend more and more time getting to know the region you may well want to start exploring deeper.

Porto is the perfect example of a city that has many hidden treasures, similarly to its other major cities of Coimbra and Lisbon, By looking to emulate where the locals go and what they do, you may well open up a whole new side to Porto that you may not have known existed.


Things to do in Porto like a local 

The following activities will help you immerse yourself in typical Porto culture during your time studying there. This could well help you get grips with the language and of course settle into your time living there more seamlessly.

Sample the coffee

Like many European destinations, coffee is a big part of the Porto way of life. Their “cimbalino” is similar to an Italian espresso or you could try it with milk, to a double coffee with milk. If you are a coffee fanatic, it may be worth just trying this in one of the city’s great coffee bars or in a cocktail bar where some can be seen enjoying the beverage instead of alcohol. A far cry from the coffee you are probably used to here in the UK.

The rooftop bars

Portugal’s climate is such that warm temperatures are enjoyed pretty much all year round. This means that the city’s rooftop bars are always open and these are perhaps the best way to enjoy Porto’s relaxed but vibrant social scene. Instead of heading into the city center and finding a bustling bar, why not look for the rooftop bars where you may well find live music and entertainment for a very modest entrance fee.

Sample local delicacies

Part of spending time in any region, especially when studying, should involve checking out the cuisine. Portugal has a very specific style of food as we have covered here at Collegiate in the past and we encourage you to check out our previous articles on Portuguese dishes . However, since you’re here we’ll tell you quickly about one dish is Porto all over. Tripeiros.

Translated into English the trope, this may put a lot of students off but we really do urge you to try this at least once during your time in Porto. Much like sardines and francesinha, tripeiros is loved by the locals and will be nothing like the tripe you may have seen in butcher shops back home. Complement this with a fine Douro wine and you will feel like you have been a local Porto for years, and you will definitely impress your new friends.


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These are just some ways to embrace Porto’s culture and live like a local but you will surely discover more during your time there. Food and drink is a significant part of this but you will find out that shopping and exploring the great outdoors are also popular activities and could well become part of your day to day when studying your degree in the city.

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