As a student accommodation provider with exceptional properties across Portugal, Spain and the UK; the benefits of Erasmus are something we often discuss with our residents. A scheme which helps students to experience all that that Europe has to offer whilst also enjoying academic facilities in their chosen country of study, Erasmus+ is inevitably something that is quite close to our hearts here at Collegiate.

In our latest student advice feature, we take a look at just how you can make the very most of your Erasmus experience and ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from it.


What are the main benefits of Erasmus?

There are lots of benefits to taking part in the Erasmus student exchange programme, such as bolstering your CV, improving intercultural understanding and giving you priceless life experience outside of your comfort zone.

Below you can find five of the main reason we think you should consider applying for Erasmus in Portugal:


Develop both academically & personally

Being able to take yourself to the next level both academically and as an individual is perhaps the main reason for Erasmus students making this all-important decision. Studying at a university in Portugal not only gives you access to superb educational facilities, but the Portuguese way of life will give you an excellent insight into a completely different culture.


Boost your employability

Whatever profession you are looking to enter, time spent studying in a foreign country is always going to enhance your CV and boost your employability. The Erasmus programme offers you additional educational and cultural experiences you wouldn’t otherwise be able to gain. Many employers now look for graduates with international experience who can speak more than one language.


Enhanced language skills

It’s obvious but deserves a mention. Erasmus+ will help you to enhance your language skills by attending lectures and seminars in the native tongue and communicating with local people.

If you are studying a language such as Portuguese at university, there really is no substitute for living in a country and experiencing the language first hand.


Increase your multicultural awareness

A great advantage of being an Erasmus student and spending any considerable length of time in a foreign country is that you’ll become more culturally aware and open-minded. It’s easy to get used to living in our bubble and not experiencing other cultures but an Erasmus experience can open your mind significantly. This can help you to adopt a more liberal perspective on life and respect other cultures and customs.


Increase your motivation

Often, students can become very motivated both during and after their Erasmus experience. Studying in regions such as Lisbon can open your eyes to the fact that there is a big wide world out there. An increased motivation to learn and discover new places can have a positive impact on your education and career.


How can I make friends when away on Erasmus?

With all of the above factors, you may be wondering why every university student doesn’t take advantage of Erasmus. As with most things in life, there are pros and cons and perhaps the most considerable con can be the social aspect. Moving away for university is a big enough deal on its own and upping sticks during university when you have just started to make new friends can seem like quite a commitment.

Our advice to anyone mulling this over would be to embrace the opportunity and try to make as many friends as possible. Playing sports, joining clubs and societies and taking advantage of Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife are excellent places to start but we think you will find the Portuguese to be welcoming and hospitable people.


Embrace the culture & make memories

Ultimately, the important thing is to ensure that you learn from the culture and experience of an Erasmus year in Portugal. Academically, your final grades are important, but with Erasmus, this is not the only objective.

You should, of course, attend all your lectures and be sure to put maximum effort into your studies, but by embracing a new culture you will make memories you‘ll never forget and friends across the globe.


Erasmus accommodation in Lisbon

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