Founded in 1978, ISG Business and Economics School is a well-respected example of teaching management in Portugal. Among business schools, ISG stands out for its innovative multidisciplinary training, adapted to the real needs of the labor market.

The school considers the key factors of the professional nature, integrating knowledge with practice and rigor, reflecting the complex challenges faced by the challenges in their day to day.

ISG focuses its activity on approaching the business environment, particularly through partnerships with national and international companies. Equip with modern and functional educational facilities, ISG offers the best place for a unique student experience for the students of our university campus.

The world changes constantly and rapidly. The ISG has accompanied this rhythm for more than three decades, interpreting and adapting to change constantly. We have a position based on the quality of education that is confirmed by the prestige of our graduates in the market.

The purpose of the school is the technical science and science of the students, that is, good citizens, who encourage their behaviour in society through high values ​​and principles.

With an offer focused on the field of economics and business in the first and second cycle (degree and master), the ISG has as values ​​the pedagogical and scientific rigor required in the transmission of knowledge and its applicability in the labor market. Academic life is a key milestone in the path of each one. In addition to the knowledge acquired and the skills developed, we must learn to innovate and adapt, for this, friendships and companionship are crucial. The University must also be a space for teaching and learning, as well as a place for socialising. Values, citizenship and social responsibility that govern the development of scientific and pedagogical methods in ISG. We want students to grow in this school and these values ​​are cultivated throughout life.Aware of the important role of ISG training, we want our students to be able to be competitive nationally and internationally and contribute to the development of Portugal and society in general.

Collegiate Marquês de Pombal offers exclusive accommodation to ISG students. This exclusive student residence offers fully equipped rooms with kitchen and private bathroom no more than 20 minutes by public transport from ISG. You can also enjoy exclusive common areas such as a stunning swimming pool, luxury dinner room, an on-site cinema and a lush rooftop overlooking Portugal.


Collegiate Marquês de Pombal is sure to make your university experience stand out from the rest.