If you are already studying in Portugal’s incredible capital, then the likelihood is that you won’t need much introduction to the region and why it attracts to many tourists and indeed students to it shores. However, if you are currently assessing your options and considering the city for your degree course, the following student advice guide from Collegiate could be well worth a read.

Lisbon’s History

As the locals in the city will be only too happy to tell you, much of Lisbon’s heritage is based around its proud maritime past. Although Lisbon had been a significant European port previously, especially since Afonso I had defeated the Moors around 1147 and taken the city for the Portuguese, the Age of Discovery is really when the city started to dominate.

This was perhaps best emphasised by the exploits of Vasco da Gama who led countless expeditions to faraway lands as exotic as India and Brazil. Indeed, the latter’s strong Portuguese influence is still felt today in terms of language and culture. Few cities have had a such a profound influence on maritime exploration than Portugal and in particular, its proud capital of Lisbon

Impact on Lisbon Sightseeing

With such an enthralling history, it isn’t surprising to see Lisbon’s points of interest all around the city. As with any nation with a proud past, it’s inevitable to see evidence of this all around the region and this makes the area incredibly interesting for students and tourists alike.

If this history of Lisbon is of interest to you and has you seriously considering Portugal for your studies, then be sure to check out these Lisbon attractions either online or in person.

The Tower of Belem

This is perhaps the best example of the great impact that Lisbon’s incredible history has had on tourism and sightseeing and still stands in all its glory. Made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983 and built under the orders of King Manuel I in the 15th Century, this is one of the finest examples of European architecture in the Gothic style and celebrates all things Lisbon.

Jeronimos Monastery

A former monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome near the Tagus River, Jeronimos Monastery is a fine example of just how important religion has been to the city of Lisbon and continues to be to this day. It is located pretty close the Parish of Belem so you can combine this with any visit to the Tower and is another shining example of how Lisbon’s proud history is still so plain to see across the city.

This attraction again shows off classic Gothic architecture, this time in the Manueline style and was also classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983.

Explore Lisbon with Collegiate

These are just two examples of many and as you can tell, Lisbon is a region with such a rich heritage. If you are looking for an academic destination in which to study your degree where you can combine a course at a great university with a city which is steeped in immense culture, then Lisbon is undoubtedly for you.

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