As you already know, Collegiate Marquês de Pombal offers superior student accommodation. However, we are also passionate about providing students with events and activities that enrich the university experience, ensuring to make it a remarkable and unforgettable one.

Over three days, September 21st, 22nd and 23rd – Vinnie de Oliveira, one of the greatest Brazilian specialists in the digital universe, visited Collegiate Marquês de Pombal to teach his workshop; ‘The Backpacker that Turns to Digital Entrepreneur’. As a writer, entrepreneur and university professor, Vinnie is passionate about education, entrepreneurship, creative economics and technology.

Integrated into his 201E European Tour, and through a great partnership with FlyHigh Interchange (one of the best exchange agencies in the country), Collegiate Marquês de Pombal and Vinnie shared ideas on innovation, the future of business and digital marketing.

Over the three days we took part in the following courses – “Digital Marketing: understand the principles that govern the world market” (21st) “Digital Business Modelling: How Big Start-ups Reach Success” (22nd); and “Inbound Marketing: Take what’s new for the success of your business” (23rd) – during the courses we took part in many debates and gained experience in entrepreneurship, education, network thinking and new business models. We also did a lot of networking which created great energy! The first course we took part in revolved around the principles of digital marketing and discussed how just one person can leverage resources and trends for our business and personal positioning.

The second day consisted of learning about the global entrepreneurship boom, the new business models we were informed about were approached from a totally practical perspective, and a more in-depth analysis of the ideas of each of the participants and how they formed their businesses. The latest trends in global marketing were also addressed in the third and final course, namely Content Marketing, also known as Inbound Marketing. See how it all happened:

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