Lisbon is quickly becoming one of our most popular student destinations at Collegiate, with budding academics flocking to the city from all over Portugal and beyond. The city is blessed with marvellous weather all year round and several extremely reputable universities, meaning its growing popularity hardly comes as a surprise.

Part of our Prestige collection, our Collegiate Marquês de Pombal residence is one of our most acclaimed student residences and is aptly located near most of the city’s main attractions. In order to help you make the most out of your time studying in Lisbon, we have put together this handy guide to things to do and see in the Portuguese capital; all of which are just a short walk or tram from our student accommodation.


Tram 28

This famous wooden tram is, of course, available throughout the year, but in the summer, it really comes into its own, taking you on a journey through Lisbon’s enthralling history. It begins at Bairra Alto, which as you will discover, is the epicentre of Lisbon social scene both during the day and at night.

You are then taken through districts such as Baixa and Chiado before finishing off at the beautiful cobbled hills of Alfama. It really is a perfect summer’s day adventure and will allow you to shop, eat, drink and take in some of the most breath-taking sights the capital has to offer.


Castelo São Jorge

When you wind up at Alfama, you simply have to take a look at Castelo São Jorge. This attraction glistens beautifully in the sun and can be seen from many vantage points across Lisbon on a summer’s day; you just have to visit and explore all it has to offer.

A Moorish church in its day, the iconic dusk-orange walls and castle-like turrets sit there on this day as they would have done back in the 9th Century and once you walk inside, you will discover so much more about this part of the city.


Tejo Boat Cruise 

There’s no better way to enjoy the sunshine than on the river. If you’re deciding what to do in Lisbon with some friends and want a group activity, then this one is probably ideal as you can hire boats of all shapes and sizes on the River Tejo.

A boat cruise allows you to take in all the landmarks Lisbon has to offer, and you can also kick back with some lunch or a beer and get in some serious downtime with your friends. The perfect way to escape the rigours of university and forget about your studies, if only for a few hours.


Enjoy a Music Festival

Finally, one of the very best things to do in Lisbon during the summer is to attend one of the city’s amazing music festivals. Let’s face it, music is better when it’s drenched in sunshine and it also helps the refreshments to go down that little bit easier.

Lisbon is home to an array of awesome artists and festivals such as NOS Alive and Super Bock Super Rock attract the very best bands and DJs from across the globe, all with the backdrop of stunning Lisbon. You can find out about all of the very best summer music festivals in the city by clicking here.


Find Out More about Collegiate Marquês de Pombal

If this guide to Lisbon in the summer has been of interest and you will be studying in the city over the next few years, why not find out more about our ever-popular Marquês de Pombal? You can find us on the Rua do Conde de Redondo, just a short walk from the coast and many of the capital’s finest academic institutions. If you would like to know more about Lisbon, read up on our article on Lisbon or head to our Collegiate Marquês de Pombal page to read more about our facilities and the merits of studying in Portugal!