If you have been to the Collegiate PT site before, you will know we are pretty passionate about our Portuguese locations of Coimbra, Lisbon and Porto. With luxury student accommodation in all three of these great destinations, it’s inevitable really that we tend to bring you all the information you need about living and studying in them. It is the latter we are concerned with today, as we look to bring you a comprehensive guide to the city and just what it is like to be a student in the region.

When looking at Porto as a destination for your studies, it makes sense to look at three main factors which we think are vital to students today. These are the climate, attractions, study opportunities and of course, shopping; the combination of these very important aspects to you lifestyle will surely let you know if Porto is indeed the place for you and your degree qualification.

Porto’s great weather

Countries such as Portugal obviously attract a great deal of tourists every year due to the great weather conditions, and this is no different for the student population really. Many Portuguese students tends to stay in the country for their degree and cities such as Porto also attract international students due to the great climate, which allows you to do pretty much any activities you like all year around.

For instance, temperatures are still well in the teens during mid-winter with the lowest temperature one can expect all year, being around the 14 degree Celsius mark. This is great for anyone who has come from a chillier climes, as the climate will very rarely interfere with any plans you have either on campus or recreationally.

Summer is of course pretty much unreserved sunshine and temperatures will average around the 25 degree mark and often soar up into the thirties. With around 2 days of rain, students in Porto can bask in some of the best conditions you will find anywhere in Europe and this is often very welcome during key periods of study. Being able to relax on the beach when revising or completing assignments is something not a lot of students can boast.

Porto’s best shopping centres

Retail therapy is of course a crucial aspect of student life. Whether you are finding the perfect outfit a night out with your classmates or rewarding yourself for getting through a busy period of exams or coursework, being able to punish the plastic and have a great day out in the shops is vital. Thankfully, when discovering what to do in Porto you quickly see that shopping is a big part of the city’s culture.

Porto actually has everything you need and is up there with most capital cities in terms of what you can find. From world famous high street retailers to the latest designs from emerging names and even handcrafted gems, we think you will have a fantastic time really getting to know the city and its shopping facilities. Here are a few of the more popular malls and shopping centres for your perusal:

  • NorteShopping
  • El Cote Ingles de Gaia
  • Alameda Shopping
  • Galerias Lumiere
  • Arrabida

If shopping arcades aren’t really your thing however, you could try these individual shops that you will find scattered around the city. These could be perfect when looking for the perfect outfit or perhaps some produce or gift for a friend or loved one:

  • A Vida Portuguesa
  • Patch Porto
  • THE – Design e Moda
  • Almada 13
  • The Feeting Room

Why study In Porto?

Aside from all of the great extracurricular benefit, studying in Porto is also a very prudent decision from an academic perspective. The University of Porto in particular is an academic institution that has a stellar reputation across Europe and indeed, the world. Founded at the turn of the last century, it is the largest in the country after the University of Lisbon and has in excess of 30,000 students at the time of writing this article. There are many notable alumni who started impressive careers following their study in Porto and you can find out more about that here; you will quickly see that choosing the city for your degree is a great decision all round and one you will surely never regret.

If having read this guide, you decide that Porto is indeed for you, then why not take a look at some of our incredible student residences in the area? You can explore what we have available in the city online and enquire via this very website or alternatively, call our friendly team on +351 213 500 070.