As we have discussed a great deal here at Collegiate over the years, keeping fit at university is vital. In addition to the obvious positive impact on your physical health, a good cardio workout can be a great way to keep your mind in great shape too.

Your student days are not likely to be your most nutritious, with academia and your busy social life getting in the way so getting into the habit of having a fun run around your new home can be a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Thankfully, Porto city centre is a great region in which to start running due to the many beautiful areas where a morning, afternoon or even evening jog can be a joy to behold. We have profiled some of the best for you, so you can start as you mean to go on when it comes to your workout around the city of Porto.

Avenida Brasil

It makes sense, of course, to start with a jog along Porto’s serene coastline. Avenida Brasil in Foz is perhaps the most picturesque of them all and the gorgeous setting is said to help you find that extra bit of motivation when it comes to your workout. This leads you nicely onto the Matosinhos Coastal Road which is just as easy on the eye and you will find many locals running along here every morning. For a good 5k run, head on towards the Avenida de Boavista.

City park

Porto’s City Park is popular for a number of reasons and running is definitely one of them. Vast amounts of space, paths perfect for running, ducks and geese, water features and just general natural beauty make this sport perfect for a fun run all the way up to competitive athletics, a top jogging spot in the city for sure.

Quinta do Covelo Park

This park is similar to City Park although you get a bit of a different running community here as it’s off the beaten track somewhat. The trail is also quite challenging so unless you are an experienced runner, we recommend working yourself up to this one. However, as a cardio workout goes, there are few areas better than Quinta do Covelo Park to get you into shape at key periods of the academic year.

Crystal Palace gardens

No connection to the British football team the Crystal Palace Gardens are simply breathtaking. The scenery is surely some of the best you will find in Porto as you can run and look down onto the stunning Douro Valley. There is also lots of shade and tonnes of space for budding runners such as yourselves to enjoy.

Vila Nova de gaia

Finally, once you have got your fitness levels up, the Vila Nova de Gaia is surely the most challenging run in the city. We don’t recommend trying this if you have just started to run but once you get some confidence this 17km stretch is ideal for students looking to really push themselves. Again, great views of the Douro make this one quite popular and if you do succumb to the challenge, you can always get the train back from Sao Bento!

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