If you’re staying in Lisbon this summer, you’ve picked one of the best times to visit the Portuguese capital. The weather is stunning, the atmosphere is great, there are tons of events throughout the city and even more things to do.

In terms of summer activities in Lisbon, spending time outdoors is ideal and with the sunny climate, local culture and range of Lisbon attractions to choose from there’s something for everyone. So, if you’re in Lisbon this summer, here’s the list of the best things to do.

Top Lisbon Attractions

If you come to Lisbon during the summer, it is really important that you experience the city like the locals do. Read on to find out some of the best things to do during the summer in Lisbon! 

Discover Jerónimos Monastery

If you are looking to learn more about Portugal’s illustrious past, then the Jerónimos Monastery should be considered an essential summer activity. This 15 th century Manueline monastery was built in order to celebrate the discovery of India by Vasco de Gama and is best known for its Gothic Chapel.

Some of Lisbon’s best loved historical figures are entombed in the Jerónimos Monastery and the splendor of the site is best enjoyed in the summer months, making it one of Lisbon’s top attractions without a doubt. You could take a few friends and enjoy some lunch on the grounds or simply immerse yourself in the history of Lisbon at one of its most historical and fascinating locations.

Enjoy Lisbon’s festivals

There are a number of music festivals in Lisbon over the summer, such as Rock in Rio Lisbon, NOS Alive and Super Bock Super Rock, which are absolutely worth the visit. Many locals go to these festivals not only for performing artists but also for the incredibly friendly atmosphere. Music festivals are a great way to make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime.

There are also the Festas de Lisboa which are festivities held towards the end of June every year. It’s really a great big street party and nothing really says Portugal quite like it. Expect performances, exhibitions, concerts, grilled sardines, and more. The highlight of the Festas de Lisboa is the parade on Avenida de Liberdade (just around the corner from Collegiate Marquês de Pombal ), where the various districts of the city are represented.

Visit São Jorge Castle 

The Castelo São Jorge is a similar ilk to the Jerónimos Monastery  but is perhaps more of an iconic site due to the fact that you can see it from pretty much every street in the city. A summer’s walk through the winding medieval streets of Alfama will bring you to this stunning church with its famous orange walls.

The Castelo São Jorge looms over the city and has done it since the 9th century making it fascinating and unforgettable summer attraction.

Take a ride on Tram 28 

What better way to enjoy a sunny summer’s day in Lisbon, than on Tram 28. This is a wooden walk which will take you through the city’s most beautiful areas in style and the breeze will make you so enjoyable of Europe’s sunniest locations .

We recommend that you start at Bairro Alto where you can enjoy a few Mojitos or Caipirinhas and the tram will take you through the city’s most vibrant areas such as Chiado and Baixa.

You could take this one to either of the aforementioned locations as it winds through many of the medieval streets or stay on as far as you can, where you can end your day with some shopping, dinner and a few more cocktails.

Go to the beach

We have previously written about the amazing beaches in Portugal and, if you are here in the summer, the trip to the beach is a must. There are some absolutely stunning beaches near Lisbon, such as Ursa Beach in Sintra, Tamariz Beach in Estoril, Galápos Beach in Setuba, and Lagoa de Óbidos. The water can be a bit cold as it comes from the Atlantic Ocean but cold water is great for cooling down in the summer heat – and for boosting your metabolism!

We hope you enjoy our round of things in Lisbon during the summer. Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at some of the fantastic luxury student properties we have available in Lisbon right now?