Books aren’t the only thing to learn about in Lisbon, delicious food and traditional Portuguese delicacies are waiting to be discovered on every corner. From traditional Portuguese dishes to cultural treasures that have travelled far from other exciting lands- here’s our Lisbon food guide.

Portuguese delicacies

The Portuguese are known for their great food. They love to indulge themselves and typically, a meal will be accompanied with freshly made bread and red wine. To get an authentic feel, search for the best restaurants in Lisbon. Fado restaurants (those with traditional live music) are a must-see! Here are some of the best Portuguese dishes you should try during your stay.


You may know the Spanish delicacy Chorizo, but the Portuguese have their own equally tasty version, called the Chourico. These sausages are readily available across the country and come in various different styles and flavours depending on the region.

Arroz de pato

Roughly translated to ‘duck rice’ this dish is loved all over the country. It’s made by baking layers of duck and rice and topping it all off with sliced chouriço.

Peixinhos da Horta

The Portuguese love to take inspiration from different cultures and mix it with their own. So it’s no surprise that this delectable dish of breaded and fried green beans is made with Japanese style battering, with a Portuguese twist.

Lisbon specialities

Although many Lisbon specialities can also be found across Portugal, there’s something special about enjoying them in the traditional way, where they’re meant to be eaten. If you’ve ever wondered what to eat in Lisbon to get the full experience, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best Lisbon food picks you must try while in the area!


If taking a stroll through Lisbon, you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some of the brightly coloured sardine shops. Sardines are typical comfort food in Portugal and the Portuguese love them! Traditionally, they’re cooked with the bones and head intact, held up and eaten from the middle of the fish.

Cozido a Portuguesa

A delicious Portuguese delicacy, this dish varies wildly depending on the area you eat it in. The Portuguese love boiling meat and this dish typically contain a mix of various boiled meats, sausages and vegetables.

Home comforts

Exciting new food is great and all, but sometimes all you want is the taste of home. Don’t worry, Lisbon is a huge multicultural area and with varied people comes varied food. As one of the restaurant capitals of the world, restaurants are available with your culture’s food, wherever you’re from. If you miss British food, drop into The George, or any of the other British or Irish pubs scattered around the Baixa and Bairro Alto. For Indian cuisine, try the Royal Spice Restaurante or Vegan Apati. As an American, you’ll be happy to learn that there are various American style burger places all over the city, The Garage is one such authentic Texan style BBQ restaurant.

Food for those with dietary restrictions

Having dietary restrictions can be difficult, never mind when you’re in a brand new place surrounded by an unfamiliar language. At Collegiate, we want to make your student life is as easy as possible, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found the best tips for those with common dietary restrictions.


Halal food

There are many halal-friendly establishments throughout Lisbon and more and more are popping up every year. Areas with good nightlife tend to have a higher proportion of halal chicken and kebab shops, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on going out.

Gluten-free food

Although some cafés and restaurants will have gluten-free options, you may be better off getting specialist food from large supermarkets and shops. All the large shops in the city have gluten-free ranges but keep in mind not every small/medium shop will be accommodating.


Vegan/vegetarian food

Whether you have an intolerance or allergy to dairy, or you’re simply taking steps to reduce your meat consumption, you’ll be glad to know that Lisbon is especially accommodating for vegan and vegetarian food. The Portuguese love dairy alternatives, so most large shops such as Jumbo and Continente have a plethora of types of vegetable milk, creams and ice creams available.

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