As the most spoken Romance language in the world after Spanish, it’s no wonder that learning Portuguese is popular. A language with a rich history and cultural heritage, thousands flock to Portugal to enjoy sunny beach holidays, while Brazil is renowned for its vibrant music festivals and dance.   

It’s never too late to learn a language – and with these useful online platforms, you’re sure to pick up some helpful Portuguese phrases in no time. If you’re studying at university you can even start learning this amazing language from the comfort of your student accommodation!

So, if you’d like to know how to speak this beautiful language, read on for our top 5 online resources for learning Portuguese.



A platform that has witnessed incredible growth over the last few years, Duolingo is a fantastic way to learn Portuguese online. Offering potential Portuguese speakers a free app on both mobile and web, Duolingo teaches languages through engaging activities that use a reward system to measure progress. If you’ve got a competitive streak, you can test your skills against your friends and family by connecting with them via the app, or check out where you stand on the public leaderboard!  

Duolingo uses a tiered approach to learning Portuguese, so if you’re a complete novice you’ll start at the very beginning, unlocking new skills and tests as you go. If you already know some Portuguese, you can take a short exam at the start and the app will place you at the right level.


Babbel is a subscription-based platform for learning languages, offering numerous other languages aside from Portuguese. If you’re after a few basic Portuguese phrases, you can start off as a beginner – but if you’re already experienced with the language, dive straight into the deep end and select ‘advanced’.

You can jump between grammar and vocabulary lessons to keep things fresh, as well as testing yourself on some idioms and colloquialisms if you want to sound like a true Lisboeta!


You may not know that the BBC offers free lessons and courses online, including Portuguese! The Talk Portuguese course offers a simple introduction to the language that may come in useful if you’re heading there for a holiday, such as greetings, directions, shopping and eating out. Users can enjoy online games and exercises, as well as vocab and grammar lessons.

You can also pick up some key knowledge about Portuguese including the people, the climate and sports, as well as finding Portuguese classes or courses near you.


Another free way to learn Portuguese online, Mondly offers users free daily lessons with quickfire techniques to improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. By teaching you how to use full phrases rather than individual words, your Portuguese skills are bound to improve in no time!

The platform also uses professional native speakers for the audio recordings, so you can be sure that the Portuguese you are learning is the real deal.


A relatively simple online platform, Loecsen has a variety of free online language courses available for new learners, including Portuguese.

Categories include the basic essentials, such as having a conversation, colours, numbers and how to get around, to name a few. Users start by memorising words and phrases that will be useful in everyday life, as well as travelling in Portuguese-speaking countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to one of these online platforms to start your journey in Portuguese and you’ll be speaking like a native in no time!

If you’re interested in learning Portuguese alongside your uni studies, have a look at the range of student accommodation available.