It is a well-known fact that Lavender has many therapeutic benefits. From boosting the nervous system to helping to perfect your complexion, the iconic plant has been used for centuries to help with a wide number of ailments and generally promote wellbeing.

With this in mind, you may well be delighted to discover that there is a region of Alentejo, Portugal where this most iconic of Portuguese flowers grows in abundance thereby creating the perfect haven for students looking to get away from stresses of academic life. In our latest student advice feature, we take a look at the wonders of these lavender gardens and how you can enjoy them at the perfect time.


Stay at Quinta Das Lavandas

Set in the heart of the beautiful Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, Quintas Das Lavandas is seen to be Portugal’s home of the lavender garden. With many great hotels overlooking the fourteen-acre lavender and lavandin Grosso field, there are many reasons to visit this region of Portugal and you may find this to be the perfect getaway in the summer months, once your studies have concluded.

There is in fact around 60,000 m2 of lavender in the Alentejo region, making a trip extremely worthwhile and there are of course all sorts of other activities you can get up to when visiting the mid-south of Portugal.


The Wonders of Lavender

As we have mentioned, the wonders of lavender draw people to the region for a number of reasons, not least health related. But there is a range of other uses for this beautiful flower such as the manufacture of essential oils. The farmers in this part of the world are also extremely concerned with nature and sustainability, so as you will find when you visit Alentejo, the grove is cultivated in the greenest way possible.


When should I visit?

You will actually find more than 100 varieties of lavender at Quinta Das Lavandas, all of which grow best in slightly different temperatures and conditions. However, the majority will start to flower in March, particularly the stoechas variety which tend to give off the most pungent aromas and vibrant colours.

The Lavandas will continue to grow in all their glory until late June, giving you plenty of time to visit and check out one of our favourite Portuguese attractions once your studies have concluded.

You really need to experience the wonders of the lavender gardens for yourself as although we have done our best to extol the virtues of this fascinating part of the country, it is something your senses need to experience first-hand. If you are looking for the ideal summer retreat in Portugal for you and your friends, then this could well the perfect choice!


What to do in Alentejo 

The lavender gardens are also not the only attraction worth checking out in the Alentejo region either, making it an even more ideal destination for a summer holiday. Classic Portuguese cuisine, wild coastlines, the Troia Peninsula, castles, historic cities and many hiking trails make it a popular choice amongst locals and students alike. You can find out more about just what you can get up to in Alentejo by clicking here.


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